Saturday, December 8, 2012

My thoughts on capstones

I had just a simple few that I thought had quality work.  There was one named Gary Ellis that I was not impressed with his work or his idea at all.  He stated he simply printed the pictures the night before and he didn't have time to make them look right.  His excuse was that he didn't have time because he worked full time and he didn't care about his capstone because he already had a job.  He also stated that this was a hobby.  I didn't like the answer at all.  It made me irritated and almost like a slap in the face to the teacher as well as the other students who work hard on their work.  He left an impression of carelessness for his work and sloppiness.  I would not hire him for anything.    His work was not good.  It was thrown together, sloppy and showed very little effort.  Yes he had the pictures on a built area with poles and carpet pieces on the floor but his work was awful.  Im surprised it was allowed a the event.

There was a few that I thought were excellent.  Xian was great, Santiago had a great video and so did Todd.  I was impressed with their work.  Also Nate had a great comic book.  He is very talented.  So there was a select few who I thought made a lasting impression.

I feel good about my capstone idea and I am super excited to present in may!s

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